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Entirely British and absolutely Australian.” – Words of an Australian WWI Digger.

"We Australians, with New Zealand, represent Great Britain here in the Pacific – we are her sons – and on us the responsibility falls.
  I pledge to you my word we will not fail."  
John Curtin, Australian Prime Minister in a radio address to America on the 14th March,1942.    

Prime Minister John Curtin

Click on the photograph above for a transcript of his speech to America.
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Click on the poster above for a documentary on the Kokoda Trail.

Where the men went, the women were sure to follow.
Click on the poster above for a true story about an Australia Army Nurse and a Nun.


RJ Mitchell after recovery from surgery  for cancer, took a holiday in Germany.  He was alarmed at the rise of Hitler and Fascism.
From his return to work until his death he worked tirelessly, designing the interceptor fighter Supermarine Spitfire that Great Britain
and the free world needed to defeat evil.

Bloody Foreigners saved the day.

Click on the photograph above for a really great film detailing preparation
 by a Czech squadron before taking-off on a mission.
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Prime Minister Winston Churchill


Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding                      Air Vice-Marshal Keith Park

Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, know to the people as Monty

A few years ago my eldest son gave me the Battle of Britain movie, I first saw this movie in 1968 and have watched it many times since.

  So, after reading "A History of England" by Keith Feiling, I began to read some of the history of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain. I'm now writing short articles on English history which feature on this site.

Thanks to the brave young men and women who fought in WWII, and to the stalwart and stoic British people who didn't cower to Hitler's demands.  And on this occasion, especially the airmen who flew, fought and died over the English Channel.

Lest We Forget.

Battle of Britain Pilot

"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."

  Prime Minister Winston Churchill, 20th August 1940

I am dedicating my work to an Australian national hero, Group Captain Clive Caldwell.

Group Captain Clive Caldwell DSO, DFC & Bar chats to mates.
Royal Australian Air Force

British civilian takes the plunge.

RAAF 452 Sqn at Readiness at11th Group of Fighter Command.

(The RAAF squadrons , 452 and 457, did not become operational until shortly after the Battle of Britain,
I believe David Evans is the fourth from the left, sitting next to Squadron Leader 'Bluey' Truscott (DFC and Bar) on his right.
David Evans returned to Boonah, Queensland, after the war.
I spent an afternoon with him in the early eighties talking about the Battle of Britain.
He was a Christian (Salvation Army) and known in the local community for his generous and caring attitude.)

RAAF 452 Sqn  in Northern Australia standing in front of a Wirraway

WRAF's at war.

Pilots waiting at for that bell.

WRAF's and pilots at a party.

  Getting in some practise.

Eileen Dunne aged three, sits in bed, injured during the Blitz.

When you hear that bloody bell, run like hell!  Righto chaps, it's a Scramble!
Don't just stand there, get one up!

US Army Air Corps Pilots receiving instruction at pilot school



British Women Contributing To The War Effort


British Women queing at a shop.

British womem were vital to the war effort in many ways, not least being at the home front, making do with the scant rations
imposed on the nation.  One reason for the Blitz was to attempt to demoralise the women folk, but this was not achieved in the
slightest, but strengthened the women's resolve to carry on.

An example of how the women felt can be drawn, when a Nazi airman was dangling by his parachute from power lines.  The local women
took to their kitchen knives and started attacking the poor chap.  He was rescued by British soldiers but alas, he died later from his wounds.

Don't upset British Women whatever you do.

St Paul's after the Firestorm of 29tth December, 1940.
St Paul's was a symbol that represented all of what England stood for,
and Hitler was determined to destroy it.


The Reich has world domination as it's ultimate goal.  The 3rd Reich was never defeated. It just transitioned to the 4th Reich via the UN and the EU with some help from 'Paper Clip' , etc.  It's final stage is a fascist NWO.

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