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Prime Minister Winston Churchill said, "Most men occasionally stumble over the truth but they pick themselves up and continue on as if nothing had happened".

I didn't.

"I am convinced that every man of you would rise up and tear me down from my place if I were for one moment to contemplate parly and surrender. If this long island history of ours is to end at last, let it end only when each one of us lies choking on his own blood on the ground."

Winston Churchill May 28th 1940


I'm Australian, have a tenth-grade education, (a tenth-grade education in the 1960's and 1970's is worth much more than the dumbed-downed education that's on offer nowadays), plus technical college trade certificate and advance trade certificate in fitting and turning.  I'm just an ordinary bloke, not some flaming genius.

I have had the displeasure to have known a few geniuses in my time, one thought the government should legalise dog copulation, another thought women should be kept at home with no rights or dignity, based upon a book he had read or at least his take on it, called 'Man Of Steel And Velvet', written by a dentist, who no doubt enjoyed his work.  Both geniuses were, in my opinion, bordering upon lunacy.

No, I am quite happy to have an IQ just a little above the average.

I was born within a decade of the end of WWII, so I grew up on WWII war movies and TV series such as Combat.  WWII has always been with me, whether it be my family, my school or the community in which I grew up.  I hate smooth slick politicians and those back-room boys, who thought I'd never wake up to their lying, traitorous schemes.  Well, sorry Mr Politician, etc, I have and I don't give a 'rats' what anyone thinks

The last fiction book I read was 'The Hobbit', after which I started on 'Lord Of The Rings'.  Got about half-way  through it and put it down as there were too many fairies in it for my liking.  Have been reading history ever since.  That was over forty years ago.  Tell a lie, I did read 'War And Peace' in 1990, but that was purely for bragging rights. 

I write what I think is important and damn the consequences.  My focus is WWII and how it effects us to this very day and it does!

My uncle, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Australian Army Signals Corp has read my whole website. He said it is dangerous.  He didn't elaborate and I didn't ask further questions. I'm assuming he meant it is dangerous to the enemies of freedom.

That's why I wrote it.

Here's my most important and dangerous article: Whom To Trust.  Uncle John will flip when he reads this one. :)  My best written article is The Man The ANZACS Revered.


A busy professional, after reading some of my website said: "You do like to dance in the political minefields I see.  However, it was certainly illuminating and I thank you for it.  I see you are very clever with setting up your web page for interesting reading.  Thank you for the information.  I need more time than currently available to really digest it."

Dunno about clever.  Political minefields - that's where I do my best dancing.


As I am extremely opinionated, I've even got some original thoughts on bigotry as well.

Oh, and be sure not to miss my articles on the UN, Common Law, etc to be found in my blog.

The British Empire's Reason For Being

It is said the sun never set upon the British Empire. There is only one reason for the existence and success of the British Empire and that was to provide a platform from which God could produce a nation free from Vatican interference, free the people from serfdom, which incidentally happened in England  some five centuries before Napoleon freed Europe of serfdom (curiously the pope was made a prisoner at the same time), develop laws and institutions that promote freedom, translate the King James Bible and spread this bible around the world. This King James Bible was then translated into a myriad of languages, thereby helping to fulfill the prophecies in the New Testament concerning the preaching of the Gospel to all the world.

God is not responsible for the evils committed by the British in the process, as He did not have complete control over the British people, but merely guided them in right paths. His people could follow or not. That's freedom. But His true servants (reformers) did to some extent redress those evils by eliminating slavery and instituting many other reforms that were adopted by Great Britain and the Empire as well as many other nations throughout the globe.

The British Empire declined when the people re-admitted the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests after two hundred years of exile. That two hundred years of Jesuit exile was crucial to the establishment of the freedoms that were necessary for Great Britain to become a world empire.  The British weren't the only nation to exile the Jesuits, and for good reason. Soon after their re-admittance, a steady decline in the Protestant faith followed, beginning with the Oxford Movement, whereas today, the people have almost completely forgotten their Protestant heritage and are now being over-run by Roman Catholics, Mohammedans and others. When a nation looses the control of their own borders, they have lost their sovereignty. Great Britain has lost her national sovereignty and is now chained to the Vatican inspired Nazi European Union.

Cardinal Manning, English Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster said in 1859:
"England is the head of Protestantism, the centre of its movements and the stronghold of its power. Weakened in England it is paralysed everywhere. Conquered in England, it is conquered throughout the world. All else is but a warfare of detail" Jesuit Plots From Elizabethan to Modern Times by Albert Close p. 18.

To learn more about Protestants and the Reformation download these 'non-Jesuit doctored' history books (53MB). 

Below is a short history of why we have freedom:

Four Hundred Years of Freedom to own and read the Holy Bible
(For the complete article on the above subject go to my Downloads page.)

In England, the common people have been reading the scriptures since John Wycliffe translated the Latin Vulgate into English in the 12th century. The Latin Vulgate is a corrupt source but Wycliffe did his best, given the constraints placed upon him. After all, this was the Dark Ages where Europe was deprived of the Received Text, received by believers from the Apostles uncorrupted. Also, many people could not afford to obtain these hand-written copies and the Roman Catholic Church ruled England at the time, so the scriptures were read to gatherings of people in secluded locations away from the persecuting megalomaniacal clergy of the Roman Church.

In the 14th century, because of unrest in the Middle East (sound familiar?), the Received Text was brought to Europe by fleeing Christian scholars and Desiderius Erasmus collated these manuscripts into a Greek New Testament. William Tyndale determined that the Word of God should be available to everybody, so he translated Erasmus' Greek New Testament into the English language. Now a double blessing came to the English people because not only had they at last obtained the Received Text in English but also the printing press greatly reduced the cost of production, so many more families could obtain a copy of the Holy Bible. Erasmas was charged with heresy but not convicted due to his ability to sidestep his accusers. Tyndale was murdered for translating the Holy Bible. Here's a song written about 50 million other souls who were murdered also.

Here's the music sheet, done by a friend of mine. Enjoy!

In England, it was still some time before the people could read the Holy Bible without fear of harassment from the king or the clergy. But when Elizabeth 1 became queen in 1558, the people were free at last to read the Holy Bible pretty much unhindered. Total freedom came later in 1689 for non-conformist protestants of which I am one.

This year (2011), being the 400th anniversary of the first printing of the King James Bible on 2nd May, 1611, as an Australian, I am thankful for the freedom from tyranny which I have enjoyed as a descendant of the English people who 400 years ago had a deep heart-felt love for the Word of God. As a consequence, Great Britain led the world in religious, social and political reforms. The English people's faithfulness to God made Britain great, and later her former colony, the United States of America also shared in this greatness for the same reasons. (Here are two principles my forefathers embraced: Jn 8:32 and Eph 5:11).

Have you ever wondered about Australia?


This Great South Land Of The Holy Spirit, (btw, that's what Australia means), has been here a long time.

It was not Terra nullius as the Aborigines inhabited the land and managed their environment, notably using fire to prepare hunting grounds.

But as happens all over the earth, a people can be invaded and subdued. And this is what happened to the Aborigines when the English established a penal colony in 1788.

Eighteen years earlier Captain James Cook discovered and claimed Australia on behalf of the monarch of Great Britain in 1770. Did you get that, EIGHTEEN YEARS!!!!

Why on earth, did the English come to this land instead of the asians?

Surely Indonesia knew about Australia, not to mention other asian nations like Japan and China long before 1770.  The answer to these questions can only be explained by Providence!  God had a plan for Australia that didn't include the asians. I'm sorry if that sounds racist, you will have to take it up with God if you don't like it.  God had been preparing a people to take His Book to the whole world. And Australia was in the latter stages of that plan, along with parts of Africa including South Africa and the discovery of the new world of the Americas.

God had been working with the people in Britain since the formation of Christianity.

He instilled into the people a love for freedom, and as they reformed their laws and institutions, a time came to translate the Holy Bible into English for the common people. By then the printing press was an established industry and the people took the Holy Bible to the four corners of the earth, which btw, they had established as colonies.

So the Americas and Australia became staging posts from which missionaries took the Holy Bible to the heathen in asia and the whole world for that matter.

Also, another thing was happening at the same time. Refugees from Europe, fleeing from Papal and Protestant tyranny (ie Protestant-State churches), came to the Americas, Africa and Australia. From these peoples many would become missionaries also.

Now, when the Chinese saw what was happening they were as mad as hornets. So when gold was discovered in America and Australia, many thousands of Chinese came to our shores. It was an 'asian invasion'.

Now we were a very young nation with very few people in a vast land. Our politicians decided they couldn't happily stand by and let the Chinese take over. So it was decided to transport them all back to China. The main reason for this was that the culture of the Chinese was far too aggressive in business acumen than in the Anglo-Celtic culture. After all, the Chinese had Sun Zu's Art Of War, which has been inculcated into the Chinese psyche for centuries.

In 1945, after six long years of war, for Australians at least, Australia and the USA, (Aussies loved the Yanks, and we really are grateful to them for saving our 'bacon'.), defeated the Japanese threat in the Pacific.

The Third Reich was defeated in Europe, but strangely arose again in the form of a Fourth Reich in the European Union, the United Nations and a fascist USA and a New World Order.  I'm sorry to say this about the USA, but I have to call it as I see it.

It was shortly after World War Two that the White Australia Policy relaxed. People other than British stock were allowed to immigrate. But asian immigration didn't take off until after the fall of Saigon during the final stages of the Vietnam War. This was due to the fact that God's plan to distribute the Holy Bible to the asian nations was partly completed and now because the Australians had degenerated into secular hedonistic materialism, and we had decided to start aborting our future, God let the asians in. Not to mention the Arabs and other Islamic nationals.

I'm not disputing that some are genuine refugees. I welcome refugees. But when they get here from the 'mess' that they have left behind, some become dedicated to re-create their 'mess' here in our land as well, by any means.

World War Two and the Vatican

World War Two (WWII) in my opinion was the last justifiable war fought by Great Britain, because it was a war not only against the Nazis, but also against the stated goals of the Vatican. After WWII and the establishment of the United Nations (UN) every war fought on behalf of the UN is potentially a war fought on behalf of the New World Order (NWO). In effect, every nation fighting for the UN potentially becomes a 'Proxy Papal Army' by default.  It's unbelievable, that Great Britain, Australia and the USA have been fighting on behalf of the Vatican in Afganistan and Iraq all these years.  Just think, historically Protestant nations now fighting and dying for Rome.  Tom Sawyer couldn't better it with his friends paying to whitewash his fence.  And now it's Islamic State we are up against.  I know it's terrible that Isil are murdering the last remaining Christians in Iraq and Syria.  But I wish that the Vatican would leave it's head out of world affairs and follow what Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world."  Let the nations do what they must for common justice and decency, but when the Papacy wades into the fray with words endorsing military action, ie.  "it is both licit and urgent to stop aggression through multilateral action and a proportionate use of force" , it becomes another Papal War.  That's what disgusts me the most about the Vatican.  The Vatican and Islamic State share a common practice and that is that there is no separation between their religion and the state. And this is where the power is grasped to slay all who oppose her.  If only the Vatican would believe and do the words of Jesus, but they, in the Vatican, are too far sold down the river to ever change!  I pray that at least one soul will be spared from among them.

As a young man, I came to know a few Australian WWII veterans. These Diggers told me that WWII was a Vatican war. (A book, 'Last Man Standing' by Peter Dornan, pp 206&207, about Herb Ashby, after the battle of Al Alamein was won Herb goes on to stress a point about Guy Fawkes Day, and how it relates to our day and age.  He's careful not to offend some, but the message is there as well as a poem about the Gunpowder Plot and that WWII was a religious war waged against Protestant England.  Well, at least that's how I read it.) It was common knowledge, and the Roman Catholics were embarrassed by what the Vatican was getting up to. (Just like today, the Vatican is a continual source of embarrassment to good Roman Catholic Christians, yes, Roman Catholics can become Christians, not because they are Roman Catholic, but because they solely trust God to save them, without any works they might do. Wycliffe, Luther, Huss and Jerome are prime examples, who were Roman Catholic priests, merely sharing the Good News with the laity and hoping the hierarchy would reform, alas, not to be.)  These Aussie veterans felt they didn't want to make trouble over it, because their Roman Catholic friends were doing their bit for the war effort and besides, what possible benefit would come of exposing the Nazi - Vatican connection, except to drive a wedge between a nation fighting for it's very survival.

And our Roman Catholic people equipped themselves very well in the struggle against the double threat of tyranny, both from Europe and Japan. I am proud of their example of self-sacrifice as they put themselves in harms way to defend Australia along-side their Protestant brothers. I'm proud also of all the Roman Catholic civilians who worked hard to win the war by doing their duty diligently.  Together we beat Fascism!  That cruel invention of Rome.

Rome doesn't deserve your loyalty, dear faithful Roman Catholic people.  You are close to my heart.  I'm getting a bit choked up here, thinking about all the abuse those hierarchial bastards in their poofterish costumes, have metered out to you's over the years.  Former Roman Catholics have shared with me their harrowing stories of abuse from these poofters.  From their testimonies and the many other abuse victim testimonies, you have only won my contempt, heirarchial cross-dressers.

Nazi - Vatican Connections


War Is a Racket

War is a racket according to Smedley Darlington Butler, Major General in the U.S. Marine Corps, an outspoken critic of U.S. military adventurism, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. History:

President Dwight Eisenhower warns against the military-industrial complex:

The Illuminati

There is a lot of material out there declaring the Illuminati are the bad guys at the top of the pyramid. I never believed it: Same goes for the Masons, etc.  Your ellaborate smokescreen has been a complete waste of time and expense on me.

Reserved Occupations - WWII

Fitter and Turner working on a lathe, filing the burrs off a shaft between the faceplate and fixed steady.

Typically 6-8 years experience is required for complex machining jobs.

The heroes of WWII are the men and women who fought against Facism.  Some were in the services, others in prison camps, daring to sabotage their work under forced labour.  Others contributing scientific expertise in developing new designs of aircraft or weaponary.  Still others breaking enemy codes.  Farmers feeding the nation and the Empire and the men and women in factories producing war output.

One class of heroes I wish to draw your attention to are the skilled tradesmen
who tirelessly worked long hours on shift, producing war industry output.

A tradesman I worked with, told me that during the war, his job as an apprentice fitter and turner on night shift, was to machine on the lathe, a bilge pump shaft, screwed at both ends, and key-ways cut using the lathe also. That was one bilge pump shaft each shift from start to finish.

A mammoth effort, considering the lathe was not equipped with a quick change gearbox but had change wheels instead, and also considering the lower quality of cutting tools, ie. high carbon steel lathe tools, which fortunately, I have never had to use. Also the lathe would have been powered by a over-head belt driven arrangement (line shaft) that was common in machine shops in Australia at that time. We were generally behind the Brits then, in technology uptake, ie. electric motor driven machine tools.

They must have worked like the clappers to produce the much needed machine parts with the machine tools and cutting tools available.

A herculean effort by any standard!

A typical Australian 1940's line shaft machine shop, complete with apprentices at work stations.

The British administration of reserved occupations was superior to the Nazi's. Reserved occupations played an important role in the Battle of Britain, producing fighter aircraft, namely the Spitfire and Hurricanes. The Battle of Britain ground down to a battle of attrition.

At the beginning of the battle, the British had just six hundred fighter aircraft. Aircraft production increased during the battle, so that there was always a reserve of fighter aircraft stored in crates, in old mine shafts, ready for despatch to any station sector. The lowest number of crated fighters got down to thirty aircraft.

By this good management the British had a surplus of aircraft but a shortage of pilots, the Nazi's had a surplus of pilots but a shortage of aircraft. Also the Nazi's drove their best pilots into the ground by not rostering rest periods. This practise, plus the 'Ace' culture, bred resentment by lower ranking Nazi pilots who saw themselves as fodder, used by the aces to glorify and enhance their status.

Dowding and Park, by careful management of resources available to them, won the battle.

It is a fact that war industry output was a key factor to winning the Battle of Britain.

(I acknowledge that women played a vital role in war production output. The skill requirements were usually low, with minimal training.  As women's labour during the war has been adequately dealt with elsewhere, and the skilled labour of the tradesmen, in my opinion,  brushed aside, I felt a special treatment in favour of the tradesmen, is long over-due. It was evident in my search for the above image, that there is an abundant number of photographs of women working on lathes, but this above image is the only one of a tradesman working on a lathe in Britain in 1940 that I could find. It's obvious to me that this is because certain political movements have a post-war agenda to push.)

Another essential service was the primary industries of Great Britain. Now that U-boats were having such success at curtailing supplies of food for the nation from the USA and Australia, Britain had to restore her neglected farms of some twenty years.

Battle of Britain

"Where Napoleon failed, I shall suceed.  I shall land on the shores of Britain".  So said Adolf Hitler in 1934.  But the British had other plans that didn't include the conquest of Britain by Hitler.

Hitler had no hope of beating the British for two reasons, i.e. the air defence system devised by Dowding was in place, just in time and also not least, the strong presence of the Royal Navy.

Bloody Foreigners saved the day.

Fifth Column

During the Phony War, which was the period after the invasions of Poland, etc, and before the invasion of France, Hitler was waiting for something or better put, someone. Was Hitler waiting for the King to surrender? His brother, Edward VIII, abdicated because he was caught conspiring with Hitler. He was a Nazi supporter and wanted to destroy the constitutional monarchy and bring back the 'divine-right of kings'. The 'Mrs Simpson' saga was a Godsend for the monarchy and the British government as the public excuse for Edward's abdication would be Mrs Simpson instead of treason. It would have been a bit awkward charging a king with treason.

Thank God that King George VI was a decent chap, unlike his brother, Edward VIII. 'The King's Speech' shows how the King struggled with his limitations, unlike his brother, who had no restraint and was a constant worry for his father, George V.  King George VI and Elizabeth, Queen Consort, supported the war effort, and became very popular with the people, being bombed at Buckingham Palace more than once and visiting the East Londoners in the day of their devastation. They shared in the tragedy which war produces.

Note: I'm reading at present 'Ten Days Of Destiny' which hopefully will shed more light upon this subject of the 'Fifth Columnists', etc.

 Monarcial Constitutionalist

I'm not a naive monarchist, but rather a Monarchical Constitutionalist. Royalty has always had a bent towards the Vatican, because Royalty is a franchise of the Papacy. But the English people demanded a better deal from Royalty, which evolved from the Magna Carta to the English Civil War and beyond. It's not without reason that the following is sung in the anthem 'God Save The Queen':

May she defend our laws,
And ever give us cause,
To sing with heart and voice,
God save the Queen!

So a Monarchical Constitutionalist upholds the constitution in order to constrain the Monarch's powers within the limits of the constitution and by doing so, thwarts the Papacy from exercising unwanted influence over the Monarch.  This is a constant battle, as the Papacy will never gives up it's claim over the Monarch and the Monarch is morally weak, and will always seek power from it's source, ie, the Papacy.

Keep the baying dogs on a short leash and never let them go or they will always head straight for home, er, Rome.

[Stop Press: Too late, they've bolted already.  And straight to the embrace of their god in his funny little cape.  All super heros have them, you know.  At least he doesn't wear his underpants on the outside.  We are spared that at least. But just like all super heros, he's going to 'save the world'.  This will be part of the final deception.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Pope.  But he's not my Father (Mat 23:9) and he's not Holy (Rom 3:23), and I might as well 'Go The Full Monty' here and tell you that he's not even decended, ie from an organisational level, from Peter The Apostle.  He's more likely to have got his mandate from Simon Magus .]

And as for a republic, why should we break our 'long continuity' as Prime Minister Churchill put it.  That's just what Rome would want.  It's only through our 'long continuity' that the freedoms that the British historically enjoyed were won, were able to develop and bear fruit.  A comparison between Roman Catholic Europe and Protestant Great Britain is serfdom.  I know I've mentioned this before here someplace but it's worth mentioning again.  Britain's serfs were freed in the 12th century, whereas Europe's serfs had to wait for Napolean (that's 500 years later approximately) to shake up Europe and the Pope before the serfs were freed there.

Whenever the people of Europe started to gain hard won freedoms, the Papacy arranged for someone or some power to over-turn that nation and then the people would be back to square one again.  They tried to do this to Britain too, many times, but were unsuccessful, hence our 'long continuity'.

In Britain there was a strong British Nazi following in the 1930's. So much so, that Churchill mentioned more than once about 'the abodes of the guilty' in his speeches.

During the early stages of the war, these people were busy in high circles trying to bring about a surrender on terms. They soon found themselves in internment camps. (The Battle of Britain by James Holland Bantam Press

2010, P.131)

The Pope attempted twice by entreaty to bring Great Britain into the fold of his Nazi empire. (The Battle of Britain by James Holland Bantam Press

2010, P.345, P. 400)

The Fourth Reich – Post WWII

In the closing years of World War Two, a group of top Nazis intellectuals planned how they would win the war after they lost the war. What they planned was to establish a European market based on nations within this market relinquishing their sovereign rights in favour of a central organisation governing all the European nations as one. This would have to be pursued in a stealthy manner, as the peoples' of these nations would not submit to this plan willingly if it was fully revealed at the outset. So deception was used and gradually, step by step, the plan unfolded.

The Daily Mail: "Revealed: The secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich the EU - The paper is aged and fragile, the typewritten letters slowly fading. But US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128 is as chilling now as the day it was written in November 1944. The document, also known as the Red House Report, is a detailed account of a secret meeting at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944. There, Nazi officials ordered an elite group of German industrialists to plan for Germany's post-war recovery, prepare for the Nazis' return to power and work for a 'strong German empire'. In other words: the Fourth Reich.":

The Telegraph: "MI5 files: Nazis planned the 'Fourth Reich' in post-war Europe - The Nazis hatched plans for a “Fourth Reich” by planting sleeper cells in post-war Europe to destabilise governments, secret MI5 files show.":  The Reich has world domination as it's ultimate goal. Forget about Islamic State and their caliphate, a joke in comparison.  The 3rd Reich was never defeated. It just transitioned to the 4th Reich via the UN and the EU with some help from 'Operation Paper Clip' , the Vatican Rat Line:  ( ), etc. It's final stage is a fascist NWO and it is already here:

So after the war, as planned, the European Economic Community (EEC) was established. This could not have been achieved without traitors in the British parliament, namely Edward Heath, amongst others.  (More on Edward Heath here.).  The EEC finally transitioned to the European Union (EU) after the rights of the peoples' of the member nations were extinguished and the sovereignty of the member nations were neutralised.  Of course, initially, the people thought that a common market was not a bad idea, and God knows, they had just been through six years of war with seventy-eight million dead (total estimate for all theatres of war both Axis and Allies including civilians), so this seemed like a good opportunity to promote peaceful co-operation.  According to Hegal's Dialectic, thesis is opposed by anti-thesis, the resultant being synthesis. In the case of Post-WWII Britain, the synthesis of WWII was that Britain was engineered to be receptive to the idea of accepting the EEC and later on the EU via a gradual grinding down of the peoples' resolve.  Hitler had a two-fold objective for WWII, which was to destroy the resolve of Great Britain to be separate from Europe and to set-up a fascist NWO. This has been the repeated, stated goal, of the Vatican for centuries. Just search Google - 'pope calls for new world order'.  The last stage of this plan is to totally destroy Great Britain by swamping Great Britain with immigrants of 'questionable origin'. As a result, Great Britain, the 'belligerent ' nation, who controlled the balance of power in Europe for centuries and who were the 'Protestant Fortress of Europe' where refugees fled from Europe to Britain during the Catholic persecutions, will no longer be a threat. No more need for a Spanish Armada, a Napoleon or a Hitler.

Cultural Genicide

Jesuit retribution at work:  Prussia was extinguished as a State in 1947, and the Prussian people made slaves under the USSR, for exiling the Jesuits for ten years.  What are they going to do to the Anglo peoples of Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States for exiling these scum bags for two hundred years?  Look around and see!

For starters, they break up families, destroy parental authority, change school curriculum to eliminate history as a core subject, over-emphasise  human rights over human responsibilities, encourage children to disrespect their parents.  Encourage children to run away, and experiment with drugs and sex.  Take away real consequences for unsocial behaviour or truancy.  Reward rebellion against parents with an independent living allowance.  Encourage young women to have children out of wedlock by multiple partners.  Rip industries out of the country.  Treat the country as just a hole in the ground, to be exploited for minerals, etc., with no value adding. Destroy our best agricultural lands through coal seam gas exploitation.

Stop Press!  It's happened!!!  The thing every sensible person said would happen, has happened.  Three Hundred Square Kilometers of prime agricultural land has been destroyed forever!  (This land mass is equivalent to some European countries.) And the owners of this company are Chinese!  Money is their God and they follow Sun Zu's Art of War to the letter.  These people have been playing God with Australia's future.  Absolute cowboys, taking incredible risks with a very scarce and diminishing resource.  (Chinese bastards, go eat your money.  Stuff it in your greedy mouths until you choke.  Season with Soy Sauce to taste.  I'm sure it is very nutricious.  I know some Singaporean christians from Queensland, dripping with money, but not an ounce of charity.)  Our politicians didn't listen to us and have betrayed us.  I was born on the Darling Downs, this is my country you ruined and I hold you in utter contempt.  You did this you wankers.  Kickbacks I suppose.  Kick in the arse is what you deserve.

Stealthily add poison to our water supply.  Smart nations like Germany and Israel have banned this poison, but the English-Speaking nations governments all insist it's for our good.  Yea, like the sign over the gate to Auschwitz, that said "WORK IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL."  Same people, same intent.  But you say, good Roman Catholics will be poisoned as well as those protestant scum.  Answer:  Domonic besieged the Cathars in the town of Beziers on 22 July, 1209.  Arnaud_Amaury, the Cistersian abbot-commander asked what about the Catholics?  Domonic answered, "Kill them all, the Lord will recognise His own."

Traditional churches in decline, meaning young people never get a Christian upbringing.  Young men/women having great difficulty finding a suitable mate, as young people without character building that comes from growing up in a Christian community, resulting in women having children too late.  A couple starting out needing two incomes to get established in a home.  Only having part-time work, with no hope of getting a home loan.  Real estate costs blown out by Chinese buying frenzies.  Reduced to a nation of renters.  Abused by bosses demanding long hours with little return, and constant threats of dismissal.  Unemployment.

Crime and drug culture taking over neighbourhoods, with the elderly afraid to step out-side their front doors for fear of being brutally bashed for the few dollars in their handbags.  Youth with no conscience and no scruples, thieving what they can get the hands on, and selling the loot to 'cash for (stolen) goods stores', to finance their drug habits. 

Children, and babies, brutally bashed by defacto fathers.  Even murdered in some cases because the child would be crying too much.

And the ultimate of abuse, they con us to fight our enemies wars (facism was the enemy in WWII and remains so now as far as I'm concerned) for them at our cost in blood and destroyed lives, leaving us to pick up the tab for ongoing hospital treatment, veteran pensions and billions of  dollars in debt.  BTW, I'm not denigrating the veterans.  A lot of them agree with me that they've been HAD big time.  And I support the veterans no matter what the cost.

Subsequent tides of refugees, fleeing war zones from resultant breakdown in civil society overseas.  Middle Eastern mindsets not able or willing to make the transition to a free society.

But the irony is that the enemy that was behind WWII is calling the shots today (coup d'état - JFK assassination) dictating who shall die for their New World Order.  And we just bow down and take it, without question, and lay our sons and daughters on the chopping blocks of Middle Eastern Madness.

Our Military Today

Our world is full of deception.  We have all been decieved, including me, from childhood through adulthood.  The Jesuits have pulled off an incredible and almost indecernible transition in English speaking nations, from pre-World War Two anti-facist political paradymn to today where we fight the Vatican's wars on her behalf as we did after William The Conqueror's Normans did shorly after 1066AD when William defeated King Harold at Hastings.

After all, looking from the Vatican's perspective, we are, and always will be her slaves, to do her special work, that we are so good at, ie, being the fierce Viking warriors half-converted to Christianity, just enough to solicit loyalty to the Pope but not enough to turn the other cheek.  And although Magna Carta imposed by the Barons of England upon Prince John, was an attempt to curb the monarch's powers, and in doing so, curb the Vatican's powers also, Prince John later sold England to Rome as a perpetual fife of the Vatican.  That includes the Empire and all it's colonies including the United States of America.  Magna Carta was agreed to by King John on the 15th June 1215.  As I write, the eight hundredth anniversary of  Magna Carta is being celebrated.  The shame is, Magna Carta is just a fading reality today as traitors have annulled this contract between the monarch and the people.  This was achieved post-WWII by the setting up of the UNO (applies to Great Britan and all it's colonies) and the EEC (applies to Great Britain).  Celebrate all they wish, but it's just white-washing dead men's tombs.  The people have been turned unto fables.  What a magnificent chess game the papacy plays.  Will we ever wake up?  I think not.

The Vatican has no respect for Magna Carta, and least of all, the Jesuits.  So today we are required to give up our sons and daughters for military service.  We believe we are doing this for freedom, we believe we are following in our grandfather's and great-grandfather's footsteps as an extension of the service they offered to fight the Nazi facists of Germany.  This is the deception I, along with the English speaking nations have fallen into.

And our servicemen and servicewoman have equipped themselves very well, indeed.  Upholding the memory of the fallen of both WWI and WWII, this I can't deny.  It's not our militaries' fault that the Jesuit's are such cunning low-life, and the present paradymn is so indecernibly ubiquitious.

Watching the evening news on Armistice Day, 2014, I was touched how Prince Harry sobbed at a wreath laying ceromony in Afganistan at the British base at Kandahar.  I am impressed by the work Prince Harry does for Veterans.  Nothing is too good for our boys.  To our shame in Australia, three thousand veterans and their families are homeless.  And the misable pay offer to the ADFs by the Abbott government shocked me.  This is in-line with the Jesuit retribution, for two centuries of exile from Great Britain.  We fight their wars, they degrade the pay for our troops here in Australia to below inflation and to top it off, treat returned Veterans with distain.

Although I may not like the fact that we are so suckered as a nation into this whole Jesuit deception, I do support our military with donations from my meagre pension to help the returned Veterans, many wounded in body and mind, who, I have had the privelege of meeting not a few in my travels.


In the USA, I assume, John F. Kennedy (JFK) when he was fully briefed upon becoming President and learned the truth of what was happening.  The President's brother, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., died in an almost suicidal bombing mission in the European Theatre of Operations (ETO), and JFK wasn't going to let his brother die in vain. Or his fallen naval buddies, for that matter.  So he determined to dismantle the 4th Reich that had been covertly established. I'm assuming this based upon the character of the man, and his personal and family history fighting the Nazi's in WWII. 

President Kennedy was a Christian first, an American second, and a Roman Catholic third:

I am aware JFK had a zipper problem.  I hope he repented before his death.

From a secret congress at Chieri in 1825, two Jesuitical predictions were made.  "Protestanism must therefore be utterly abolished."  This prediction is absolutely fulfilled, except for a few subborn Protestant groups who are hanging on by shear grit.  "Catholics shall be imbued with hatred for all heretics."  This prediction has not come true yet.  When the Pope decides the time is right, his media organisations will whip up public feeling, to the point that those who take a heritic's life will be rewarded as doing God service.  False Flag Operations, along with Psych Ops will foment all the hatred required.  The media will stitch up the loose ends into a hate model that suits the Jesuit specifcations.  The hate model may start out as just the requirement to wear an identifying badge, ie Yellow Star of David was popular in WWII.  The hate model progresses gradually to elimination of property rights and the right to earn a living.  You get the picture.  It happened in Nazi Germany's Third Reich and it will happen in the present Fourth Reich.

When JFK was elected President, the majority of the people were working together with their President.  JFK's election campaign was mainly based on the Soviet threat and how to counter that.  The people, both Protestants and Roman Catholics elected JFK.  The Protestants placed their faith in this man as well as the Roman Catholics.  And President Kennedy was about to deliver when his life was cut short by assasination.

The power behind Hitler, which of course was the Vatican, thought JFK was in their pockets. When they found out differently, he was eliminated. What followed was an assassination and a covert coup d’etat. There's a growing body of evidence that Linden B. Johnson (LBJ) orchestrated the assassination. Policies and plans were reversed four days after the assassination when LBJ assumed the presidency: .

I remember the day President Kennedy was assassinated. I was just a lad of eight years. My parents were watching the news on our black and white television, suddenly my parents started crying, they were both shocked and saddened to learn of the death of this great man. 

Satellite TV had just become available in Australia, so we were able to witness this most  tragic event about an hour and a half later. It seems all the best of America gets assassinated.  And all the worst of Americans are assasins and their mentors, the Jesuits.

What's more, other nations bore this loss as well as the United States.    Freedom became a casualty, and from that time onwards, things have been dark ever since.

Post Script

And it just keeps getting darker.  I didn't want to publish the following Utube video link because it is too shocking and unbelieveable.  I had some doubts if the footage is genuine, but that was dispelled last night (9th November, 2014), when the footage in question was broadcast on SBS TV, which is an Australian government multi-cultural TV station.  But I must add that the above video is not correct in some details.  The speaker says that JFK was immobilised due to an injection that Jackie gave him.  From viewing this video (5 minutes) it is obvious that JFK was waving to people at the time the first bullet struck him.  My opinion is that because this shot missed his skull a signal from outside the car by two men, was relayed to Senator Connolly to proceed to the backup plan for Jackie to shoot.  Senator Connolly passed the pistol to Jackie who had moved into position and Jackie then administered the fatal shot.  Jackie then flicked the pistol to the rear of the car.  This is partly visable, but frame/frames have been cut which should show the pistol flying through the air.  Senator Connolly took a shot  from a second  marksman.  Both rifle shots intended to be instantally fatal to JFK, both failed in this respect.

If it is true that Jackie murdered her husband, this is a terrible indictment upon the Jesuit order, that breaks sacred bonds between a husband and wife, and puts loyalty to the Pope before God and His divine law, which says "Thou shalt not murder."

Post Post Script

The reason behind 9/11 is to foment WWIII.  At the Pentagon some of the old guard, left over from WWII or at least those sympathetic with them, were perceived as a potential threat to the NWO introduced by George Bush Senior, (former president of the US and formerly in charge of the CIA, which was established by the Nazis after Operation Paper Clip), and implemented by George W Bush Junior.  So to make sure that these old guard understood who was in charge, a plane or missile, matters not to me, was lobbed into a wing of the Pentagon.  Of course the other planes/missiles were also under direction from the grand war monger himself, good old Georgie Boy, that secret society socialite and Skull and Bones debutee, with a penchant for blood.  President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and he are not fit to mention in the same sentence.  And shame on you for all the Texian executions that you piled up like a pyrmid so you could climb up to your exulted pinnicle and take the Presidency of the United States of America by electoral fraud.

As Islam is the daughter of the Roman Catholic Church and both Islam and the Roman Catholic Church have no seperation between their religions and the state and as both have world domination as their stated goals, a person such as myself, being a Non-Conformist Protestant, who believes in seperation of church and state as Jesus taught His disciples - "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him." 1John 2:15 ,  can only stand back in pity and watch these two ungodly monoliths fight it out to the bitter end.  This is one of the goals of WWIII, ie to subjugate Islam, the other being to subjugate the remaining states that are proving resistant to submitting to the primacy of the Pope and his NWO.  When the day arrives, and all nations and almost all the peoples of the earth submit to the Pope, then Jesus will destroy the Roman Catholic Church and the nations with the brightness of His Comming.

But the good news is that many (possibly millions) of the Roman Catholic Church will defect, denounce the Marion apparitoins as a demonic delusion to ensnare billions, and join with the faithful defenceless few.  We will be very meek, we'll even turn the other cheek.  Times will be tough as Rome puts the screws on us, and many will be executed for their faith, but in the end, Jesus will rescue His people, (the living true believers plus those of all ages who have died in Christ and awaiting the resurrection),  and Jesus will take us to heaven with Him, to be with Him forever.  Amen.


First off, I'm a fifth generation Australian, my great great grandfather, Charles Henry Sigley, aged sixteen, immigrated with his father and siblings from Manchester, England in 1854 to Melbourne and later migrated to Brisbane, New South Wales, aged sixteen years. He completed two degrees in Accounting and Civil Engineering (probably at Melbourne) and was granted 220 acres of land at Enoggera. In 1859, Queen Victoria declared Queensland a state.  After Charles' wife bore him a large family, he moved to Sydney, leaving her with the dairy farm and a swag of kids to raise. It was a big mystery as to what happened to him, but just recently we found out he died an alcoholic in the streets of Sydney. What a waste.

The Boer War

Anyways, one of his sons, Robert St. George Sigley, being my great grandfather, studied animal husbandry at the newly established Gatton Agricultural College from 1897 to 1901, being an expert horseman and as the Boer War was still on, went to South Africa to fight the Boers. Returning with a neck injury from a lance, he started work as a dairy inspector for the Dept. of Agricultural and Stock, Queensland. (This is when he met his wife-to-be, on a dairy farm at Eagleby. More about her father in 'To The Cross') This became a mini-tradition for some of the males in the family as one son and two grandsons followed in his footsteps being my grandfather, father and uncle.

William The Conqueror

But maybe, I should digress here and go right back a thousand years, because I have anecdotal evidence that I have an ancestor, Horswin, who was the great nephew of William The Conqueror .  Horswin was a Roman Catholic priest, and I'm assuming he was married, (otherwise we'd all be bastards, wouldn't we?), as the Pope hadn't outlawed wives until a little later. Horswin and his brothers came over with William The Conqueror and were granted lands. Horswin became the Lord of Shrigley. This was not an hereditary title, as the Papacy was actively discouraging priests from marriage by extinguishing title and property rights to their legal dependants.

There's a village called Pott Shrigley, on the border of the Peak District National Park, not far from Manchester. The Shrigley's fell upon hard times. In the late 1700's a couple of Shrigley lads were hung for highway robbery. As a result some of the family moved to Manchester and changed the family name to Sigley.

My Responsibility

My ancestor Lord Shrigley, shared in bringing Roman Catholism to England via the Norman Conquest.  Therefore, English Roman Catholism is the family business, which makes it my business.  As such, I feel responsible that such a manifestly inhumane religious system was forced upon the inhabitants of England, the Celts and the Anglo-Saxons.

Actually, the Celts were such a good example of how Christ should be lived out in their lives that many Anglo-Saxons actually converted to the ancient and original Christian Celtic church.  Don't get confused here with the propaganda of the Roman Church.  The first church both in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland was a church entirely different to the Roman Church.  In fact the pope made a point of disputing certain practises of the Celtic Christians.  And these people were actually missionaries, Iona, an island off Scotland, was established by Columba, (a Celtic Church leader), as a missionary college, from where graduates would go to lands where minds were darkened by the Roman Church, in the hope that the light would dispell the darkness, going to places like Bobio, Italy, establishing institutions of learning.

So therefore I take it upon myself to right the misguided zeal of my ancestor, Horswin, the Romam Catholic priest, also known as Lord Shrigley, who along with his colleagues, forced the people at the point of the sword, to convert or die.  (Doesn't Islam do this also?).  It's the only decent thing to do really, to rightly shoulder my responsibility.  I'm standing here declaring that all the murders and suffering that the English and British peoples have been through at the hands of a pychopathic religious monstrosity, this almost millenium, are partly my family's responsibility and I'm gunna try in some small way to right a wrong perpetrated by the family business.

So don't say I have no right.  I've got every right under the sun to critisise something my ancestor did over almost a thousand years ago, and which still impacts all the English Speaking Peoples to this very day.

(Sure you might say, it's more like six hundred years, because the reformation came to England.  Well, no, because the Vatican has never given up it's claim over us.  Hence the Spanish Armarda, and a mirade of wars and plots, too many to recall,  But to top it off, the slaughter of WWI and WWII are both Vatican intrigues.  That's over 94 million people dead from both conflicts.  Don't tell me this is a small matter.  After the war, all discusion about the war was closed down, and the catch-cry was "We don't talk about Religion or Politics".  A self-imposed censorship that the Vatican couldn't better.  And this, after almost a 100 million people perished within the last thirty-one years, from 1914 to 1945, unbelievable!!!)

World War II

Back to Queensland, World War II. Both my wife and I have uncles and great uncles who fought the Japs in New Guinea, but notable is my wife's maternal grandfather who volunteered in his fifties, after serving in the Australian army in WW1. In New Guinea he got pneumonia and was transported to Australia to a military hospital but died soon after, so my wife never knew her grandfather, but at least we have a photograph of him, along with his son, my wife's uncle, who also served in the war. It hangs in pride of place in our living room.

My wife's Grandfather on the right,
her Uncle on the left, and
Digger unknown.

Two of the Sigley's served in the armed forces, being my grandfather's brothers, Colin Sigley (RAAF) and Rodrick Sigley (Royal Australian Army). Their brother, being my grandfather, Gordon Sigley, a dairy scientist, whose job was classified a reserved occupation, was ordered by the government that he must stay in Australia and develop long-life butter and cheese at Oakey, near Toowoomba.  He took this really hard, but worked diligently to achieve this goal for the war effort. (After the war, my grandfather was in charge of the Queensland Butter Board and was the dairy cattle judge for many years at the Brisbane Exhibition, known to the locals as 'The Ekka'.  Six years after retirement, the chaps at the Queensland Butter Board recalled him back for a few weeks to help them sovle a problem they were stumped by.  In his usual under-stated manner and dry wit, typical of Australian humour, 'Sig', sovled the problem, no worries, mate!

Aviation – WWII and Post-WWII

Qantas and its Wartime Secret Indian Ocean Air Service


I'm pretty sure this is Colin holding the rope

My grandfather's brother, Colin Sigley, chief engineer for QANTAS was also ordered by the federal government also to something special.  He established a Top Secret Government Mail Link between Great Britain and Australia. All the QANTAS staff on this project were sworn into the RAAF because of national security and to comply with the Geneva Convention, to protect them as POWs if they were captured. Some joke that was, but fortunately the Japs never set eyes on them.  They would have been sitting ducks if those Zeros had locked sights on them.

Colin Sigley started another mini-tradition in the family, as another four males of the family became commercial pilots. Colin Sigley, my great uncle and Barry Sigley, my uncle, retired as Senior Captains, Qantas and Ansett respectively, the others being airline pilots and a flight instructor.

Barry's favourite airliner, the Fokker F27 Friendship, a 'hands-on' aeroplane, typically flown on provincial city hops


Colin started his career by completing an apprenticeship fitter and turner at the Toowoomba Foundry. I did my apprenticeship fitter and turner at English Electric, Rocklea, Brisbane. Barry started his career by completing an apprenticeship motor mechanic at Toowoomba. Three engineers in the family is also another mini-tradition.

Almost Killed

That brings me to when I started high school. I was innocently walking to school and BANG, I was bowled over by a 10 ton truck. This was a Mobil delivery truck used to deliver fuel to the farms in the local area. The truck was in bad repair and I had a broken leg and a spinal disease (in the long term) from the accident.  I was told later that the king-pin sheered off, and that as a result the truck driver lost control of the steering and the truck careered off into my direction.



Three years later I started my apprentice, fitting and turning at English Electrics. My back was problematic all through my apprenticeship but I got through with chiropractory on a regular basis.  I completed an advanced trade course in Heavy Earth Moving Equipment Servicing. (Diesel fitting, etc.) Also I did a refrigeration course and a couple of welding courses.  Most of my engineering experience I was locomotive fitting, as well as some maintenance fitting. I  had some machine shop experience, with a specialty in metal spraying, reclaiming worn machine parts.  I also had a Third Class Boiler Operatior's ticket.  At one stage I was a AMWSU Shop Steward at a large company I was working for.

Another Set-back

It was at a company manufacturing breakfast cereals , employed as a fitter and turner, come boiler operator, that I sustained my greatest injury, a ruptured disc, L5-S1. After spinal fusion surgery, my back was in great pain.

Development of Invention

In 1999 I met an inventor, Malcolm Dean. Although my back was in pain from a spinal fusion operation and the spinal disease from my truck accident in 1968 was starting to catch up with me, I volunteered to help this bloke. He'd heard from a mutual friend how I used to volunteer occasionally fixing poor peoples cars.  I believed in putting Jesus words into action, and giving my service where I could.

He agreed to pay all my expenses for physiotherapy and chiropractory while I was working with him.  This was the only way I could cope with work.  I worked on a lathe and other machine tools in a small back-yard shed as I was able. This arrangement lasted four and half years until my back finally had had enough and I couldn't go on any further.

What we were developing was a mechanical transmission. It is a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), and it's in the Prius and the Volt. How it got there, I have some idea.

Above is the inventor, Malcolm Dean, with some of the prototypes we made.

He applied for and got a COMET grant, which is an Australian Federal Government grant. This was for AU$40,000.

We had many professionals on our team, including engineers, lawyers, even an ex-Lord Mayor.  I had hoped to move out of Struggle Street and get off Social Security handouts. Alas, it was not to be.  Also I had hoped not only to get myself off Social Security but also to generate employment for Australians.

Stop Press: It's all over, the IP has expired.


Ironically, part of this dream has come true as the
Toyota Prius and the Holden Volt are imported to Australia, generating various jobs selling and maintaining these cars. And not to mention least, the Toyota Camry with the Synergy Transmission is manufactured and sold in Australia. If it wasn't for unscrupulous persons unknown, in my opinion, this invention would have joined the rows and rows of shelves of other inventions that never will see the light of day.

Stop Press: Toyota to pull out of Australia by 2017:

Actually, the potential of this transmission, which is a variant of the traditional epicylic gearing, is only partly realised!  Sure it's got an obvious use to marrying up various energy sources, as demonstrated by Toyota and General Motors, but the greatest potential is the ability of this transmission to be configured in a very simple arrangement using rollers and cams instead of the traditional spur gear type planetary gear system, thus saving substantial manufacturing cost and weight.  Another feature is the contra-rotation of propellers. Aircraft, where weight is an important consideration, as well as the dramatic increase in efficiency by up to two-thirds due to the contra-rotation, would have been a goer here.

Above is the 3rd Advance on the night we first got it working.
I'm at the workbench holding a leather strap used in testing to apply a load.
The kindly old gentleman, Arthur Woodbridge, on the left is the co-inventor and silent partner, since diseased.

But the most important ability of this transmission is that it can be housed within the hub of a wheel. (Known to us as the 3rd Advance.) This configuration can also house both an electric motor and the transmission in the hub of a wheel. All terrain vehicles, mining trucks and locomotives would have been a goer here.

Above is my beautiful wife and handsome eldest son and I, pictured with the 3rd Advanceon the night we first got it working.
The inventor took this photograph and I woke my wife in son in the early hours of the morning to announce the successfull first test.

This transmission has the innate ability to modulate the selection of ratios according to load, without the need for any ancillary equipment. When the transmission comes up to 1:1, the moving parts within the transmission lock up and the whole transmission rotates as a shaft. Of course, computerised control improves efficiency, as has been demonstrated in the Prius, etc. The transmission also is capable of regeneration, ie. Storing energy that would normally be wasted due to braking.  Incredibly, it can also have a dual use as a pump, when configured as the roller and cam option. I haven't personally witnessed this, but have read and heard him talk about it.  He's had a string of engineers volunteering their skills to help him develop this invention. Not only engineers but also owners of engineering companies.

An engineer once said to me that this transmission was the greatest breakthrough in engineering history. Other engineers expressed their amazement at this breakthrough technology. Here's a copy of the current patent  , since expired .

Toyota's Comeuppance

Stop Press! Toyota to pay $1.3 billion for deadly defect cover-up . Is Toyota getting some of it's own back? Yes, I really think so!

Stop Press! Toyota Prius again found defective .  If these Japanese bastards would treat people honestly this might not have happened.  God can bless people and other entities to prosper if there is genuine repentance.  The fact remains not one Japanese corporation has compensated victims for the war crimes they so eagerly committed during WWII.

It is also a well known fact that Japanese engineers are the great copiers of other nations inventions.  They get what they deserve and good riddance.  The curse of God is upon you.  Not from me, but from your own lying lips.
Is Toyota getting some of it's own back? Yes, I really think so!!!

I could publish more stuff, like how, in my opinion, an officer of the law ripped us off.  I've already written it, just don't need the harassment that would come from it.  Or how I was abused, in my opinion, by an Australian company that claims high moral ground,  and as a result of the abuse, we struggle from week to week.

To The Cross

My other great great grandfather came from Prussia. His name was Ferdinand Von Stollznow. He was the son of a Count and he and his family emigrated to Queensland in 1863. He fled Prussia because of religious persecution by Frederick The Great's state imposed religion. Actually, a lot of Prussians did the same thing and emigrated to Queensland and South Australia in droves.

Ferdinand was a very religious man, and a staunch protestant, who was a member of the Lutheran Church. He attended the Lutheran Church, at
Eagleby, which is near Beenleigh, which was my home town as a child and where my grandfather was born by my great grandmother, being Ferdinand's daughter. The house where my grandfather was born in, just happened to be directly behind the house we lived in at Kent Street in the 1960s. It has since been demolished.

Unfortunately, the Lutheran Church
that Ferdinand attended, was infiltrated by a 'Jesuit' priest who attempted to introduce auricular confession and other catholic practices.

As a consequence of this infiltration, Ferdinand led a revolt, by leaving the Lutheran Church, and establishing an independent dissenting church in Beenleigh.

They built a small house of worship at Church Street, Beenleigh, and Ferdinand called their church community 'To The Cross'Not to be confused with the counterfeit cross of the Roman Catholic Church that is worshiped worldwide.

He had carefully chosen the name of this church community, no doubt intending to send a message to his posterity that this is where our focus should always be. In doing so he proved himself a faithful and wise steward.

The church building still stands today and is owned by the Seventh Day Baptists who are another dissenting English group of Christains whose history goes back at least three hundred years, possibly right back to the very beginning of the Reformation in Saxony and beyond to the founding apostles in the first century.

Also as a legacy of Ferdinand's faithfulness, some of the Stollznow's today are active Lutherans. Unfortunately the Lutherans surrendered to Rome in 1999, so I wouldn't personally attend the Lutheran Church. I'm actually a
dissenter, like John Tyndale and John Bunjan. It's a great English and German tradition and so I have followed in Ferdinand's footsteps, even if I was not aware of Ferdinand's faith until recently.

Iron Curtain

It was the 'Eastern Germans', (including the Prussians), who supported the Reformation, and as a consequence were 'punished' for this 'treasonous act' against the Vatican after World War Two by being enslaved by the USSR. As a result of this, 'Prussians' have forgotten in large part their heritage. This was no accident of history, but was deliberately planned and executed from within the cloistered walls of the Vatican. Prussia was dissolved as a state in 1947. If any German state deserved to be extinguished, it was Bavaria, source of the Jesuit inspired Nazi movement.

It actually goes deeper than this. Both England and Prussia kicked out the Jesuits. England threw them out for two hundred years and Prussia threw them out during the 1870s. Two outcomes from WW2 that I believe were by design are that Prussia would be handed over to the USSR and that England would be bankrupted by the war. The bankrupting of England and the dissolution of the British Empire opened the doors for Great Britain to accept the European Economic Community which led to the establishment of the European Union.

This is how the Vatican won the war, through forces set in train that transpired over the decades since the war's end. Now the Fourth Reich is in business, just like the Third Reich was over seventy years ago.

Islamic State are pups compared to the Vatican.

Again we face in the near future the might and repression of fascism. And this time the Pope has the whole world in his grip. So what is my reaction to this situation? My resolve is to look 'To The Cross'. The cross where Christ died once for all.

"For Christ also hath ONCE suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit:" 1Peter 3:18 KJV

But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.” Galations 6:14 KJV

My British Fortress

So where does all this leave me. Knowing that the British Empire has fallen and the Protestant Fortress of Britain is falling. It leaves me wondering. And I've come to the conclusion that if there is no longer a British Fortress to rely upon out there, I must fall back upon the resolve to stand for the right though the heavens fall, and be a fortress to my loved ones. And if my home falls, then it's up to me to stand on my own.

Well, it's actually God who is my fortress, and a mighty fortress He is. He wants me to imitate Him in some small way, but not as an act of saving myself but rather as an example to others, how my saving relationship with God changes me so I reflect Him.

I invite all to become the people God intends you to be. It doesn't matter what your nationality is, or your race. God wanted the British Empire to be a blessing to the world through the spreading of freedom and the Holy Bible to the four corners of the globe.
Accept His invitation offered freely to all. In Acts 16:30-31 KJB, the Philippian jailer asked Paul and Silas: . . . ‘Sirs, what must I do to be saved?’ And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved . . . .’ ”

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed." John 8:36 KJB


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