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Whom To Trust?

I have no regard for my personal safety.  Read on and see what I’m prepared to die for. I write this as my duty as a soldier of the realm (our national security is under threat) and the cross (a counterfeit is posturing to destroy true believers). I say it like it is, or at the least, like I honestly believe it is, based upon the facts presented in the book below.

The subject matter of this paper is a book published last year, titled ‘Operation Gladio‘, by Paul L. Williams. Prometheus Books, 2015. I implore you to purchase this book. I bought three copies from Angus Robertson Bookstore, Australia, (and I’m a pensioner), so I can share it with those who are willing to read it, and I also got free postage to boot. If you are not in Australia, you may find Amazon a better prospect of supply.  Now available in audiobook format.


Before Dr Paul Williams, (a former devout Roman Catholic journalist and university lecturer), successfully published his book, eight journalists, (mostly Roman Catholic I presume), had been assassinated trying to get out this information (p.11).

Stop Press: Panama Papers just released, now exposed as a scam.  The real culprits will never be exposed by these people.

“A journalist must have the courage to search for and tell the truth, even when the truth is uncomfortable or not considered politically correct.” Pope John Paul II, December, 2002 (p. 281).

If you are Roman Catholic, by reading further, your faith in this organisation may be shattered.

The long and short of this story is that immediately after World War II ended, NATO set up a top secret covert operation called Operation Gladio. On behalf of NATO, with the co-operation of the CIA, the Mafia and the Vatican, we were saved from the ravages of communism.

The funding of the secret armies established is the most controversial aspect of Operation Gladio. But also, many of the terrorist operations performed by the operatives of Operation Gladio resulted in the loss of tens of innocent lives throughout Europe and particularly in Italy, and the death toll for Europe as a whole, totals thousands.

It has been at the cost of the very fabric of our society that Operation Gladio was funded. The drug culture we see today in every western city and town, is still a part of that fund raising scheme (Operation Gladio B has since superceded Operation Gladio A), that has destroyed millions of lives and made many more millions a complete misery.  Even an American sporting hero was murdered for speaking out.

I have a few questions:

Was this the best way to fund the covert fight against communism?

Was there another reason to downgrade the morale of our society.

Was it to prepare us for something worse than communism?

Heroin was originally the means of funding Operation Gladio. Early on, the Sicilian Mafia were recruited to transport these drugs from asia to France, where the raw product, being opium, was refined. Later the refining process was done in labs in Sicilly. The heroin was then smuggled into the USA, where it was first sold on the streets of Harlem, but later spread to cover the whole of the USA and the world at large.

After the Mafia took their cut, the drug money was deposited into the Vatican Bank, where it was laundered for a fee of 15% and then forwarded to various Swiss bank accounts controlled directly by Operation Gladio operatives.

Stop Press!     Here's the calabre of the present Vatican Bank head official: Men say they were abused at pool.

Heroin (smack, heat), Barbiturates (speed), Marijuana (grass), Cocaine (coke), Methamphetamine (ice) and a hundred other drugs that are pumped out into our communities, seemingly with immunity. These pushers, just as bold as brass, skite about their illegal lifestyles as if they know they face little chance of being caught.  And if they are, it’s probably because the ones who are caught are renegades, (independents), not under the umbrella of Operation Gladio and therefore not possessing the protection that Operation Gladio affords pushers at street level because those higher in the chain, supplying the drugs, are Operation Gladio Operatives, thereby having diplomatic immunity.  This is just speculation, but I think I’m on the money.  Ask your politicians, they’d know.  Now you know why they are such lame ducks.

My focus in this paper is the Vatican because to the average person, this institution represents all that is good and holy in the world. It is not! And it must be exposed for what it is, a criminal organisation, no holier than the Mafia. The cast of criminals include at least the last half-dozen popes, certain cardinals and archbishops as well as a few Vatican civil servants, ie, the Pope’s banker. The Pope and his ilk, belong in prison. Instead, these Vatican criminals get to strut the world stage with diplomatic immunity, purporting to be gods almighties, as they groom the kings of the earth and the merchants of the earth, as they weasel their way into ultimate power over every living human being upon the earth.

The scale of the Vatican’s crimes is shocking. This is a story of intrigue and murder and if true, (and it is), Roman Catholics will be leaving this church in droves when the facts of Operation Gladio becomes better known. My prayer is that they will find Jesus to be a help in time of need, and that they will not be so down-hearted as to cast out the baby with the bath-water, ie. the Baby-Jesus who grew up to be our Saviour and the only one whom I trust. I wouldn’t trust the Pope and his co-horts alone with a paddock of sheep, let alone with the precious flock for whom Christ died.


“For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.”  Acts 20:29 KJV

Answer:  A sheep, of course.

Millions of Roman Catholics have already identified the Roman Catholic Church and the Papacy as the Great Whore and the office of Pope as Antichrist. The final call is being rung as the Roman Catholic Church is besieged by scandal after scandal – pedophile priests being the most publicly aired.

The rape of children is a shocking offence that will live in infamy. The rape of our whole community by the actions of the Roman Catholic Church is also shocking. I’m talking about the religious institutions here, those institutions that claim infallibility and will never admit to error and therefore, will never reform.

The evidence presented in Paul Williams’ book proves that the Pope is a criminal and that the Vatican and the Vatican Bank are indeed criminal organisations no different to the Mafia. Can we trust anything that emanates from the Vatican and the Papacy, including climate change, same-sex marriage, endorsement of the United Nations and most importantly the Popes overt posturing as the moral compass for humanity and the peace maker of the Middle-Eastern crisis.

Here’s one quote from the book: Referring to Argentina’s Dirty War: “Indeed, the only regime to create a state of fear approximating that of Argentina was Hitler’s Germany.” (p.120) (Lernoux, Cry of the People, p. 332) This is referring to Pope Francis’ term as Argentina’s leader of the Jesuits (goto 1:21 minutes). See why he was elected Pope. A man without a conscience. The only pope ever elected to have been charged with crimes against humanity. (p. 126) He escaped court because he had been promoted to the college of cardinals, giving him diplomatic immunity.  They must have seen it coming, and wanted to make this butcher of Argentina as their own. Ear-marked and protected for further, future blood-letting service. A mass murderer. Our future world dictator.

Demand your local library have this book available for the public to borrow if you can’t afford the price of purchase. It is imperative that the public are informed before we lose our national sovereignty to the Vatican. Their plans are well advanced. The deal to take over the whole world show is almost in the bag.

Recently we have witnessed Pope Francis address the US Congress and the United Nations, and we have also witnessed this pope criticise one of the US Presidential candidates, Donald Trump, damning him as a fake christian. The Vatican soon after attempted some damage control, saying that Pope Francis didn’t mean it personally. Bull he didn’t!

Shouldn’t we apply the same test to this political pope as we do to our own domestic politicians?

If it was proved that the political democratically elected leader of your nation was proved to be a Mafia boss and had used the institutions of the government to co-operate with the goals of his mafioso organisation, should you trust that political leader?

I say no, no, no, a thousand times no! Take note of what Protestants have been saying for centuries. What I’m presenting here is totally devastating to Roman Catholics. We are poised at the very doors of eternity. Face up to the reality of what your Roman Catholic Church really is: The Whore Of Babylon!


I always thought there wasn’t much difference between the Mafia and the Papacy. Now I have the proof to confirm my Protestant prejudices. I find after reading Paul Williams’ book, that there is absolutely no difference between the Mafia and the Papacy, between a Mafia Don and the Pope.  How convenient!

I can tolerate apostasy, even embrace with love apostates, even give them the benefit of the doubt and accept them as Christians. This is what I do every day to Roman Catholics, after all, who am I to judge their inner-most heart-felt need for salvation from our God. I embrace anyone who’s sincere need is for Christ.

In the past, some Protestant Christians have been zealous to point out the defects of the Roman Catholic Church. They have had the Roman Catholics’ best interests at heart, but have been censured and disfellowshipped for what was deemed to be ‘over-zealousness’.

Whether this was the case or not, because of the book “Operation Gladio”, any ‘over-zealousness’ never shall be so in the future. The gloves are now off, the line has been drawn in the sand and it’s a no-holds-barred tussle and the Roman Catholic Church is now proved beyond any doubt to be a criminal organisation.  It is the Lord’s fight and not mine.

Any church, group of Christians, political bodies or individuals still viewing the Papacy favorably are appeasers, just as a great number of people were appeasers just before World War II when Hitler rose to power.

This is a similar situation.  Hitler, leader of the Nazi party, whose political party committed all manner of crime to achieve control over all Germany.  Compare the Pope and his Vatican organisation including the Vatican bank, committing crime, i.e. money laundering, even murder, to gain control and dominate the whole world.

And how many were there to stand up against Hitler?


Winston Churchill was the only politician in Great Britain that stood up against the despotism of Hitler.  Most Germans went along with Hitler, rather than make waves.  Most were complacent.  Most were brain-washed by incessant media indoctrination.  A similar situation exists today.  This is our worse nightmare come true!  Even more so, when this new ‘Hitler’ is posing as the leader of the largest Christian church.

But the reality is even much worse than this.  The world leaders aren’t really appeasers.  They have gone a few steps further and are more like aiders and abettors, no, further, collaborators, giving aid to the Papacy, doing whatever it takes to bring about the New World Order with the Pope as it’s head.  This is no exaggeration!

Please dear Roman Catholic people (including the clergy), don’t mistake this as an attack on your relationship with Jesus. This is an attack on the hierarchy of your church, who have seen fit to be involved in a global drug trade, laundering drug money and being party to murder on a global scale. Yes, drug dealers murder their clients one hit at a time.

I can’t just sit back after reading this book and pretend it is not my responsibility to do something about this. I just cannot believe the media though. Not a word from them. Figures!

The media is doing a great job of ignoring Paul Williams’ book and at the same time, promoting the Pope as the saviour of the world. Doesn’t this fact alone prove their complicity. Of course, Common Purpose (information on Common Purpose in Australia is sketchy) is high on the agenda, as well as Same-Sex Marriage and Climate Change. These issues are part of an evil plan. I know somewhat of this plan, but have not the space or the time to outline it in detail here.

It’s time for real Christians, both in the Roman Catholic Church and out, to take a stand against this political pope before he drags us all into another Dark Age.  Islamic terrorism, albeit evil, is a smokescreen planted by the popes centuries ago. This islamic smokescreen is designed to take focus off the NWO and at the same time to create a need for a ‘saviour of the world’, that will save us all from the brink of destruction. The planning of this scenario goes back centuries and from what I know about it, it will be the greatest show on earth to date.

Drug culture has taken possession of large numbers of people and still larger segments of our society.  Drug addiction with all it entails, including domestic violence, rape, murder, assault and theft has taken a death-hold upon our communities. I could include here my own observations of what’s happening in my own community, of murder, attempted murder and brazen drug dealing. And this, in a seemingly quiet rural town in New South Wales, Australia.

All over Australia, we are being devastated by Ice. The police are powerless to stop this. I assume now, with the information presented in Paul Williams’ book, it is because they don’t have jurisdiction to stop the Ice menace because the operatives have diplomatic immunity as I stated above. The issue is not one of police corruption, but of police jurisdiction. This is the only way I can reconcile the facts, and as stated above, I think I’m on the money.  And about those lame duck politicians: maybe we are at fault, thinking they work for us, when in truth, I assume, most of them have sworn allegiances to Rome that negate any loyalty they have to the people of Australia.

To cast aspersions upon our police force is not my intent. They are obliged to obey and enforce the law of the land, including international conventions, such as those pertaining to foreign powers operating within our borders. So if ‘crimes’ are committed by these foreign powers or their subordinates, diplomatic immunity protects those operatives from prosecution.  The police do their job, no matter how disgusting the situation is.  And they are bound to secrecy, so don’t expect them to confirm my suspicions.

So, to reiterate, the few Ice dealers who are caught, I suspect, are the 'freelancers' or those who were under the umbrellor of protection of Operation Gladio B, but who, I assume, 'sinned' against their masters and were cut loose as examples to all contemplating similar moves.  The police act within their jurisdiction, arrest those offenders, but the vast majority of dealers are left free the destroy the fabric of our society.  It makes the police look good, to take a few in, it serves a purpose for the 'Mr Bigs', to have the police punish those who 'sin' against the Gladio B operatives, and nothing at all changes, just a continual decline in public safety and morals.

If I am completely wrong about my assumptions about operatives of Operation Gladio B possessing diplomatic immunity, I sincerely apologise to all parties concerned.  But if not, then own up to your complicity in destroying our nation!

One little snippet here, in my local community, the newly constructed play park designed for primary school aged children, had to be shut down for one day last week, to clean out of the sand all the needles and syringes discarded by addicts.

By the way, even the New World Order believes in Rule of Law. Problem is, the laws they want are unjust and unrighteous.

My question earlier:  Was this the best way to fund the covert fight against communism?

Here’s my answer:  No, it wasn’t the best way to fund the covert fight against communism. But, whether they realised it early on, drugs became the means not only to fund the war against communism, but it also prepared the free world for future enslavement by the Papacy, by dragging down humanity to an animal-like existence. Freemen, in possession of their wits, never willingly submit to slavery, whereas, the stupefied are easy prey.

And to top it off, generations of Australians now have no religious knowledge.  It started with our great-grandparents and grandparents, for some even further back, not bothering to go to church themselves, instead they would send the children to Sunday School.  But children learn from example, and detected the hypocrisy displayed.  So the next generation didn’t even bother sending their children to Sunday School, but instead went go to the beach or the footy to worship the gods they adored. Bible knowledge was thereby lost to future generations.

The next generations become fully-fledged pagans with dread-locks, tats all over and piercings in ears, nose, tongue and unmentionables.  They wouldn’t look out of place in a sing-sing of PNG mudmen. The worship of nature also advanced, with the emphasis on ‘saving the planet’.  Gone was any knowledge of Christ, except as a swear-word, and a commercial season of goodwill, where all display their material abundance by lavishing gifts upon themselves and their loved-ones.

Generations of children don’t know their fathers. Some don’t even know who their fathers are!  And for some of those poor unfortunates, their mothers don’t even know who are the fathers of their children! Mothers, brought up in dysfunctional families, have no idea what it means to be a real mother or a real wife.  And these children grow up to be the wrecks of humanity that nobody can help.  Children are sent at earlier ages to child care and school, where they are taught to regard the state as their proxy parents, who they must trust above their natural parents.  This was planned, from the very instigators of the women’s liberation movement!

As all this was going on, the media are pumping out false science about the near imminent threat of the annihilation of the human race by climate change, as well as using scare tactics to terrify witless the general public with the threat of asteroids, nuclear war and over-population.  And while all this is going on, hour by hour, we drink our deadly cocktails of fluoride. Unprescribed medication. Weakening our will to resist.

On every front, the Pope's Jesuits are working to bring us all down to lower and still lower levels, be it the education system, false science, the entertainment industry and social engineering where all of these forces are unceasing and subtly changing societal attitudes to accept as norms those things which a generation ago were considered an abomination.  Every terrorist attack, every drug addict hooked, every woman sold into prostitution, every child degraded by abuse, every man denied the right to work to support his family, every man, woman or child who dies for lack of medical care or not enough shelter or food to sustain life is testimony that something is wrong, drastically wrong and this all is degrading us all to the level of animals.

In a thousand different ways government interfere's in the home by circumventing the parents' God-given role to raise up their little ones to reflect the image of Jesus.  Instead, we are all brought down to the level of animals.  And get this point, I can't impress it enough, we are all brought down to the level of animals to prepare the human race to accept the worship of Satan as a god on earth.  This IS their ultimate goal!  This IS what every degrading soul-destroying action is ultimately for, to pave the way to force humanity to accept their Satanic god and their Satanic system.

How easy then for the Pope to offer himself as the solution to the problem he created. And if we accept his offer, ie. to ‘save the world’, we will forever (as long as the situation lasts) be the slaves of his evil empire, which he rules on behalf of the devil himself.

“1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” 2Tim 3:1-5 KJV

Does the above text descriptors apply to you?

Well, if so, don’t delay!  Just get down on your knees and pray to God to forgive you for your sins.  You don’t need a priest to do this, because you pray it in the name of Jesus Christ, the only real priest, and our Great High Priest in the Heavenly Sanctuary.  This is what Protestants have been doing for centuries. Coming boldly to the throne of grace. (Heb 4:16 KJV)

Love you all, and God bless you in your journey.


I'm thinking about starting a political party.  It would be secular based, without the religious theme in the above article titled 'Whom To Trust?'.

You see, I can play the secular game just as well as anyone and I actually demand it in politics,  because it's the only way to have seperation between church and state, which safeguards our freedoms.

The problem is that the secular arena can hide the bad guys, if they are religious players as well, as in the case of the Vatican.  That is why it is crucial to thoroughly examine these religious players in an arena apart from the secular political arena, so the people can be fully informed.

Only then are the people ready to withstand the intrigues of the political arena that demands a blinkered viewpoint, ie, only seeing the secular viewpoint, instead of a full vision that will reveal the whole truth.  People were much more aware of Papal sophistries over a century ago, but with the decline in Christian faith and the subsequent decline in religious knowledge, we have become easy-pickings for those religious players wishing to deceive us.  Hence, the Pope is one of the most popular international figures today.  A wonder to be sure.

You have just entered a secular political arena.

(I have now only the filtered vision of a secularist.  I am at the mercy of religious intrigues and sophistries.  Just as well I entered this secular political arena well prepared.  Sadly not the case with most.)

The platform of this political party will be the saving of our nation, primarily from the Ice scourge.  The log of demands would be to recall our ambassador from the Vatican, apply sanctions upon the Vatican until the Vatican Bank is dissolved and an open independant investigation of the Vatican financial records is completed and recommendations are implemented, that Vatican criminals (including the Pope if the prosecutors deem fit) are brought to justice in an international court, recind diplomatic immunity of Operation Gladio B operatives (if they exist) within the borders of the Commonwealth of Australia, make the book 'Operation Gladio' by Paul Williams compulsory reading in all high schools for year 12, make the teaching of British history compulsory, especially the rise of Protestantism, the two invasion waves to Britain to crush Celtic Christianity, the many assasination attempts of British leaders by the papacy, the expulsion of the Jesuits for 200 years and the resultant founding of the British Empire, the reintroduction of the Jesuits, the Oxford Movement and the decline in morals and political power of the empire.  (A history book I read about England has all this information - A History of England by Keith Feiling.) The papal cause of WWI and WWII and the fight against communism using drugs as the financial fund raiser to sustain that fight.

I want to bring back  jail time for drug addicts.  It's a mistake to be soft on crime.  But, I think if the drug offender is willing, he/she should be offered rehabilation in lue of prison.  What I hate is the permissive, drug facillitating regimine that encourages drug users to continue in their drug culture unimpeded, and also to bring by influence and by force, other young people to their self-destructive under-world.  We threw out the Chinese in the late 1800's because of their wretched opium dens, and now we are doing much worse.

Today I was stunned by this news announcement.  Don't these fools realise that the children in these families will be destroyed by the enviroment they witness, growing up in an Ice addicted household.  I find it almost impossible to believe these politicians and civil servants who endorse this policy have the best interests of the children concerned.  I wonder if these politicians are following another agenda.

Getting back to my policy on drug offenders, I do not intend to increase the prison sentences, but I do want to see more arrests and less hinderance by do-gooder interest groups. Let the police and the courts do their jobs.  I don't won't to see the carnage of the Phillipine solution, which is the indiscriminate slaughter of all drug dealers and drug addicts.  This will only brutalise society, bringing us down to the level of animals.  I want to see massive funding of Ice clinics all over Australia to break this stranglehold upon our country.  Addicts must have the free choice to enlist the aid of the Ice clinics.  An addict will never break the bonds of addiction unless it is their decision to do so.

I need 500 citizens to join my party to make it official.  I don't care if you are a Roman Catholic bishop, a Buddhist monk, an atheist or whatever.  If you are interested in joining this political party against Ice, email me.  (I have a name picked out, but won't publish it until it is registered.)  I won't proceed until I get at least 50 interested citizens expressing their desire to join such a party.  These respondees must be Australian citizens 18 years or over and enrolled to vote at the Australian Electoral Commission.

Going by the response from my website so far, I will be lucky to receive two or three responses, and that would be a precedent in the history of this website.  It's your choice, do you want our nation ruined by Ice, or are you an Ice coward, like the people I met on my daily walk today, who refused to accept my website card, because I mentioned the Ice factor.  If we all place our heads in the sand like those people, we are doomed.

So far, after about a few months of this announcement to intend to start a political party, not one person has contacted me.  Good start Australia.  Our country is guaranteed totally wrecked, you did it, by your foolish notions of being kind to the poor drug abuser.  Too many bleeding hearts and not enough boot.

Click on my 'Donations' button to find my email link.

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